Gavin Dillingham, PhD

Vice President | Research

Dr. Gavin Dillingham is Vice President of Research and leads HARC’s Energy team. In this role, he also serves as Director of the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Southcentral and Upper West Combined Heat and Power TAP. Dr. Dillingham joined HARC in 2012 where he leads multi-stakeholder efforts focusing on policy and programs to improve the climate resilience of power infrastructure and built environment and to help usher in the energy transition via a variety of clean energy initiatives.

He builds and leads strong, well-balanced teams of experts to successfully implement large, multi-year clean energy projects. His current projects include being the principal investor for the DOEs Solar Energy Technology Office (SETO) grant on rapid deployment of solar+storage in low-income neighborhoods and the DOE’s Advance Manufacturing Office (AMO) grant to develop a micro-grid feasibility analytics tool. Recently, he led the effort to build out and launch the Texas Clean Energy Hub. The Hub includes a variety of tools, resources, webinars, as well as HARC’s Energy Crossroads Podcast, to help spur along the clean energy transition in Texas.

Dr. Dillingham is also leading efforts to commercialize HARC’s research. With the HARC team, University of Houston and Lehigh University, he led the start-up of Pythias Analytics, Inc. Pythias Analytics is a start-up company focused on providing climate analytics and scenario planning for the energy sector.

Dr. Dillingham received a Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University and his PhD from Rice University in 2008. He holds the Climate Change Professional (CCP) certification from the Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO) and the Sustainability Associate (SA) from the Institute for Sustainable Professionals.

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