Ebrahim Eslami, PhD

Research Scientist
Air Quality

Dr. Ebrahim Eslami is a Research Scientist at Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) specializing in air quality. At HARC, Dr. Eslami focuses on research on air quality and sustainability. Currently, his main research interests are applications of machine learning in sustainability, health and cost impacts of air pollution, air quality modeling, and advanced environmental data analysis. At HARC, he has been involved in several research projects including the impact of COVID-19 on regional air quality, Harris County air quality planning, Precinct 2 air quality assessment, air quality and health impact of the Houston ship channel widening and deepening, and the H3AT urban heat island mapping project.

Dr. Eslami brings over 10 years of research and application experience in the field of civil and environmental engineering, sustainable development, and advanced data analysis. He received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology in Iran in 2008. He continued his research as a research flow at SINTEF in Norway in 2009 and 2010 working on developing sustainable concrete materials from industrial by-products. Then he worked as an Engineer-in-Training in several construction projects in Iran between 2011 and 2014. He received his Master of Science in Environmental Engineering with an air quality engineering minor from the University of Tehran in 2016. His research improved the accuracy of the air quality models, especially for particulate matters, in Tehran, the capital of Iran. Dr. Eslami holds a Doctorate in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Houston which he received in 2019. During his PhD, Dr. Eslami applied complex algorithms to address problems in atmospheric science such as real-time air quality, weather forecasting, hurricane tracking, and air pollution-induced health impacts.

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