Pam Gallagher

Assistant Project Manager

Ms. Pam Gallagher is the Assistant Project Manager for HARC’s Energy team and also serves as Assistant Director of the US Department of Energy’s Southcentral Onsite Energy Generation Technical Assistant Partnership (TAP). As an integral part of the success of these teams, she aligns projects with business goals, constructs detailed work plans, and helps the teams to achieve important milestones central to the success of the research and project implementation. Ms. Gallagher’s attention to detail results in keeping projects well-organized and team members well-prepared, ensuring flawlessly executed project outcomes.

Ms. Gallagher’s responsibilities include managing outreach, engagement, timelines, budgeting, and other program requirements. Her work has helped streamline internal operations, benefiting her team members and multiple external partners on various projects and initiatives. Ms. Gallagher also serves as a mentor for new HARC team members.

Ms. Gallagher graduated from Morrisville State College and is currently pursuing a certification in project management.

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