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Capacity Building and No-cost Technical Assistance for Onsite Energy Solutions

In 2024, the U.S. Department of Energy established a network of Technical Assistance Partnerships (TAPs), with regional and technical expertise across the country to provide technical assistance for industrial facilities and other large energy users to increase the adoption of onsite clean energy technologies. Technologies include but are not limited to: battery storage; combined heat and power; district energy; fuel cells; geothermal; industrial heat pumps; renewable fuels; solar photovoltaics; solar thermal; thermal storage; and wind power.

HARC provides technical assistance and hosts webinars and workshops for the Southcentral Onsite Energy Technical Assistance Partnerships, covering a total of five states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico). Since 2015, HARC has provided DOE-funded technical assistance, educational programming, resources, and tools to various industries.   

The TAPs educate prospective adopters about the many advantages of onsite clean energy technologies, with technical resources to assist end-users in evaluation and installation of onsite energy technologies. The program also assists in the development of onsite clean energy programs and policies. Natural disasters in recent years have underscored the importance of resilient energy infrastructure for continuity of operations, especially for critical industrial and other large energy usage facilities such as hospitals, college campuses, and governmental installations. 

Comprised of leading experts in onsite energy deployment, the TAP programs provide a range of technical assistance services to facility owners and managers. Initially, a project is screened to assess economic viability by analysis of energy costs to gauge potential savings with various onsite energy clean technologies. This service is provided at no cost, thanks to DOE funding. 

Learn more about the DOE Onsite Energy Technical Assistance Partnership Program here.  ​

Download the DOE’s factsheet on the Onsite Energy TAPs here.​

View onsite generation webinars and presentations here.​

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To contact the Southcentral Onsite Energy TAP team, please call (281) 364-6052 or click here.

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