Carlos Gamarra, PhD, PE, CEM

Senior Research Scientist
Clean Energy Technology

Dr. Carlos Gamarra is Senior Research Scientist for Clean Energy Technology at HARC and Director of the US DOE’s Southcentral CHP TAP.

Dr. Gamarra began his career in the energy industry in 2006 as an energy engineer in the design and construction of industrial plants, energy infrastructure, and renewable energy-based power generation systems. His experience as an Assistant Professor at the University of Burgos in 2008 increased his interest in research. But before joining the research field in 2011, he worked in the optimization of industrial, commercial, and residential facilities.

He joined HARC in 2017 with a research focus on developing methods, algorithms, and tools to improve decision making in energy systems planning processes: defining and optimizing complex energy systems based on efficiency, resiliency, environmental and economic goals, and analyzing how different risks will affect their profitability in the long term. Dr. Gamarra also leads the promotion of Combined Heat and Power Technologies in five states of the US, through the Department of Energy’s Southcentral CHP TAP.

Dr. Gamarra is the Energy Manager of the HARC Living Lab, a mid-size commercial office building certified LEED Platinum, Zero Energy Certification, and an Energy Star Rating of 99. The facility is a living lab where different technologies and operation strategies are tested and showcased for other users to adopt. The building has received over 3,000 visitors during the first three years of operations.

Carlos received his Doctorate in Community Energy Systems Planning from the University of Burgos in 2020, where he developed a rapid method system to analyze microgrids to ensure maximum long-term profitability.

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