HARC’s Living Lab Featured on KHOU 11 News

HARC Announcement


HARC’s net-zero building was featured on KHOU 11 news.

Reporter Tiffany Craig toured the building with Carlos Gamarra, HARC’s Research Scientist and Energy Manager, and Gavin Dillingham, HARC’s VP of Research, to find out how HARC reached its net zero status, as well as what it takes to maintain that level of energy efficiency.

During the tour, Dr. Gamarra explained the various factors that were taken into consideration as the facility was planned and being built, including the use of geothermal technology. Dr. Gamarra also explained the steps taken daily to ensure energy efficiency, including the use of LED lighting, disconnecting appliances not in use, and automatic light sensors.

Dr. Dillingham provided insights on what consumers can do to save energy costs in their own homes, including using natural light, the right insulation, and LED bulbs, among other actions.

Read the full story and watch the video here.