HARC Becomes First LEED Zero Energy Certified Building in Texas

HARC Announcement


HARC’s Living Lab is now the first LEED Zero Energy certified commercial building in the state of Texas.

HARC was officially certified as the first net zero commercial building in Texas in 2020. The “net zero” status means the building produces more energy than it consumes. The LEED Zero Energy certification confirms that HARC has consistently maintained its net zero status, becoming the first commercial building to do so in the state.

There are currently less than 60 certified zero energy office buildings in the United States. Achieving this milestone award, in addition to our LEED Platinum certification, showcases HARC’s commitment to sustainability and our intent to take a leading role in helping other organizations achieve the same.

Because of HARC’s work to optimize energy and water use and continually monitor data generated by the building’s systems, HARC’s Living Lab exceeds its design and modeled performance targets. Everyday our carbon footprint reduces, and since opening, we’ve offset the same amount of carbon as 20 heavily forested acres.

Learn more about HARC’s Living Lab here.

About LEED Zero Certification
For over two decades, LEED has guided and pushed projects to aim for higher performance and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through integrated building strategies impacting energy, transportation, water, waste, and materials. Building on the success of LEED certification as a market transformation tool, LEED Zero verifies the achievement of net zero goals and signals market leadership in the built environment.