Galveston Bay Regional Monitoring Database: New Interactive Tools Now Available

HARC Announcement


New Interactive Tools Available in Phase Two Release of the Galveston Bay Regional Monitoring Database

The Galveston Bay Regional Monitoring Database (RMD) is an interactive portal that provides quality-assured data to support conservation, management, and research related to the Galveston Bay system. The Phase Two release supports new interactive tools including the Water, Sediment, and Tissue Quality dashboard; the Coastal Fisheries Resource chart; and the Seafood Consumption Advisories web map. Users can explore, visualize, or create custom subsets of data for download. The full suite of newly released applications is available on the Interactive Tools page.

The Phase Two Data Catalog has been expanded to include 12 new datasets and resource links such as the National Wetland Inventory, Urban Percent Impervious Surface data, and the Social Vulnerability Index. Other expansions include the ability to filter the Data Catalog by year(s) and the inclusion of a date range on each catalog entry.

Datasets included in the Galveston Bay RMD have been selected for their use as ecosystem indicators in collaboration with the Galveston Bay Estuary Program (GBEP). The available datasets describe water and sediment quality, fish and wildlife abundance, and habitat, among other key ecosystem management categories. Data collected by federal, state, and local governments; universities; and research organizations can be downloaded for the spatial domain of the Lower Galveston Bay Watershed.

The Feedback Submission Tool allows users to provide comments and suggestions, or to ask questions while exploring the new interactive tools.

Phase Three updates to the Galveston Bay RMD will include new datasets, interactive tools, and expansion of the preexisting applications, and is scheduled to be released later this year.

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