Net Zero Energy Buildings: 5 Ways to Lower Your Building’s Energy Use

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by Rebecca Gittins, Leverage.com

The world is moving toward zero energy. The IPCC’s recent report sounded the alarm on global warming. To reduce energy consumption, regulators in California have voted to require solar and battery storage on many new commercial and multifamily buildings.

Whether you own investment properties or are a lessee who’s responsible for paying the utility bills, knowing about

net zero energy buildings can help you evaluate whether it’s for you. And if you can’t reach net zero energy? You can take steps to increase your energy efficiency and move the needle toward a more sustainable future.


We continue to fine-tune the set-points of the building and control ventilation based on occupancy levels. Our flat load management system allows us to control inefficiencies in the building, such as turning off all monitors in the building at 6:30pm.

Dr. Carlos Gamarra, HARC