HARC Awarded Funding to Manage DOE’s TAP Program in the Southcentral Region until 2027

HARC Announcement


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded funding to HARC, along with eight other organizations, to establish a network of Technical Assistance Partnerships (TAPs) to help industrial facilities and other large energy users increase the adoption of onsite energy technologies. All nine organizations will receive a total of $23 million in federal funding to accelerate the integration and deployment of clean energy technologies to drive U.S. industrial decarbonization, productivity, and competitiveness.

Although vital to the American economy, the industrial sector is responsible for one-third of all energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Decarbonizing this sector is key to tackling the climate crisis. Through the integration of clean onsite energy technologies, facility owners in the industrial sector will gain practical and cost-effective solutions to reducing their GHG emissions and their dependence on fossil fuels.

HARC was selected to lead the new Onsite Energy Program in the Southcentral region, which includes Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas, until 2027. The program includes providing industrial facilities with initial site screenings, identifying onsite energy opportunities, and offering more advanced analysis to support project installations. By providing this assistance, HARC will help the Southcentral region improve industrial decarbonization and resilience while lowering operating costs across sectors and providing co-benefits to the broader community.

HARC has worked with the DOE on its TAP program since 2015, and welcomes the opportunity to continue working with them to help accelerate the integration and deployment of clean energy technologies in the Southcentral U.S.

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