Ryan Bare, PhD

Senior Research Scientist & Program Manager
Nature-Based Solutions

Dr. Ryan Bare is a Senior Research Scientist specializing in Watershed Ecology and the Nature-Based Solutions Program Manager. Dr. Bare applies his expertise in hydrology, ecology, and natural and water resource management to conduct applied research focused on social and environmental challenges across coastal and inland watersheds. His research activities include watershed protection and non-point source water quality, the application and assessment of nature-based solutions such as Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure, and community-based climate resilience planning.

In his capacity as the Nature-Based Solutions Program Manager, Dr. Bare leads multi-disciplinary projects, bringing effective research, actionable outreach, and equitable approaches for the design, planning, and implementation of nature-based practices to the forefront. His vision for the Nature-Based Solutions Program is to combat climate-related impacts in vulnerable coastal communities by co-developing constructive sustainable solutions rooted in nature. He applies his expertise to manage HARC’s ecologically engineered, certified LEED Platinum, certified LEED Zero Energy campus.

Dr. Bare earned a Doctorate in Water Management and Hydrological Science from Texas A&M University’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. He obtained a Master of Science in Marine Resource Management from Texas A&M University at Galveston, and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a concentration in Marine and Coastal Resources from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi.

Authored Publications and Related Projects

Bare, R., Jennings, M., Vernin, K., Song, Q. (2023). A Case for Cool Trees: Advancing Houston’s Tree Equity

Bare, R.Vernin, K., Riley, S., Smith, M., Patin, J. (2023). Comprehensive Collaborative Coastal Resilience Plan. Retrieved from Community In- Power and Development Association website. 

ForUsTree: Creating an Inclusive Community Canopy within Houston and Harris County

Cook, M. A., Tremaine, D., Wyatt, B. M., Banner, J. L., Charles, J., Berg, M. Bruno, T., Glazer, Y. R., Callison, C., Mace, R. E., Miller, V., Bare, R., Sanchez Flores, R., Seefeldt, J., Fuller, A., and Niyogi, D. (2023). Addressing challenges to ensuring justice and sustainability in policy and infrastructure for Texas water resources in the 21st century. (in review)

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