Report: Galveston Bay Shows Resiliency, But Some Worrisome Factors

HARC in the News


By Alvaro 'Al' Ortiz, Houston Matters

Galveston Bay is in overall good condition, but the loss of wetlands, along with a slight decline in water quality and sea level rise, are concerning factors, according to the 2019 Galveston Bay Report Card.

The annual report card was released Wednesday by the Galveston Bay Foundation and the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC).


Galveston Bay and the surrounding watersheds span 24,000 square miles. Lisa Gonzalez, president and CEO of HARC, told Houston Matters that the main purpose of the report card is “to provide science based, data based information to the public on the health of the bay.” READ MORE

Sea level rise, combined with land subsidence and coastal erosion, “could really have an impact on our communities and on our infrastructure along the Texas coast.

Lisa Gonzalez, HARC, President and CEO