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Review and Recommendations on “Subsidence Investigations – Phase 1” Report

The Regional Groundwater Science Partnership announces a report summarizing the first phase of review regarding groundwater and subsidence in the region.

The information, generated by the Science Advisory Committee (SAC), provides a detailed set of findings and recommendations for the area concerning the monitoring and management of groundwater resources and subsidence, beginning with an assessment of previous studies provided for the region.

Download RGWSP SAC Phase 1 Report

Download RGWSP SAC Phase 1 Executive Summary

About the Regional Groundwater Science Partnership

Groundwater is a critical resource for the Greater Houston-Galveston region and Texas. Careful management of groundwater resources is necessary to ensure that current water needs are met, and future needs are protected. It is vital to have detailedcurrent, and accurate data to manage groundwater resources sustainably. It is also important that technical data are communicated to area residents and regional stakeholders in an easy-to-understand manner. 

The Regional Groundwater Science Partnership will provide a science-based review as well as community education and outreach on regional data and studies relating to groundwater supply, groundwater demand, and subsidence in Montgomery and Harris counties.  

Science Advisory Committee (SAC)

HARC has convened a group of nationally respected scientists to analyze research findings describing groundwater resources and subsidence in Montgomery and Harris Counties. Findings of the SAC will be summarized in a final report and outreach products for the greater community. 

In addition, as part of the research initiative, Conflict-of-Interest Policy for SAC members has been adopted. The scientists participating in the SAC will neither make nor recommend specific policy decisions. Rather, they will provide unbiased and

independent advice on the science used to support regional policy decisions. All findings of the SAC will be made publicly available to elected officials, decision makers and the general public in the form of reports, fact sheets and online resources including GIS-enabled story maps. 

Groundwater Research Consortium

The work of the Regional Groundwater Research Partnership is financially supported by a consortium of municipalities and special use districts interested in supporting independent, science-based groundwater and subsidence research and data analysis. The Consortium’s quarterly meetings are held independent of the SAC. Members of the Consortium 

receive the same level of scientific information shared with decision makers and the general public. 

Community Outreach and Education

A goal of the Regional Groundwater Research Partnership is to increase public understanding of regional groundwater resourcesrelationships to subsidence, and the formulation of science-based policyStakeholder engagement activities conducted through conversations and workshops will inform the creation of research reportsinformational fact  

sheets and online tools. Information resources will be formatted for ease of use, distribution, and understanding and made accessible through a community toolkit. Please check this webpage periodically to view additional resources as the work of the SAC progresses.