Galveston Bay gets a C on health report card. Here’s why

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By Daniela Sternitzky-Di Napoli, Digital News Editor, KTRK

GALVESTON, Texas – The Galveston Bay Foundation and the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) released this year’s official report card results for Galveston Bay.

After looking at 22 factors divided into six different categories, it was determined that Galveston Bay’s overall health was graded at a C, which means “adequate for now.”

Here is the breakdown:

Human health risk: The bay received a C for this category. In order to improve the grade, people should protect their loved ones and pick up pet waste.
Habitat: This category received a D. People can support local restoration efforts, and volunteer or donate to help with projects.

Water quality: While you may be expecting a poor grade in this category, this is the highest rank Galveston Bay received. It was given an A, and in order for it to keep that grade, people should help keep excess nutrients out of the water by installing a rain barrel to reduce runoff.

Coastal change: The grade for this category was a C. One of the major factors that brought the overall grade down was “sea-level rise,” which received an F. A concerted effort to conserve water can help improve this grade.

Wildlife: This category also received a C. It is important to remember that the ocean in an ecosystem and people must help protect the living thing in it. Avoiding bird nesting areas and remembering to remove fishing lines and crab traps are some good ways to bring the grade up.

Pollution events and sources: Galveston Bay received a C in this category, but the fix is simple. Avoid single-use items and remember to pick up after yourself. Picking up litter and recycling also helps.

You can read the full report card here.

Galveston Bay’s overall health was graded at a C, which means adequate for now.

Daniela Sternitzky-Di Napoli, KTRK