New Data Reveals Neighborhoods Impacted by Urban Heat Island Effect

HARC in the News


by Heat Beat Newsletter

On August 7, 2020, the Houston Harris Heat Action Team (H3AT)—a collaboration between Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), the City of HoustonHarris County Public Health (HCPH), and The Nature Conservancy of Texas (TNC)—held a one-day urban heat island mapping effort with the help of 84 community scientists, and funding support from Lowe’s and Shell. The data and results—including a report, story map, and GIS mapping layers—are now available at www.H3AT.org. In addition to over 230,000 temperature and humidity measurements collected throughout the day, the project partners also leveraged

satellite imagery to model temperature and heat index values—or “feels like” temperatures—across the study area.

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