The Galveston Bay Regional Monitoring Database: Full Portal Now Live

HARC Announcement


The Galveston Bay Regional Monitoring Database (RMD) is now fully operational and live. The RMD is a centralized, interactive portal that provides a significant amount of quality-assured data to support conservation, management, and research communities who are interested in the Galveston Bay. Its aim is to help these communities to be able to better monitor, track, and measure the health of the Galveston Bay system. It is the only resource of its kind that specifically focuses on the Galveston Bay area.

Developed with stakeholder input over the last two years, the RMD is a result of processing, validating, and packaging data and information from various databases and data sets into one central location. In doing so, the RMD makes it easier for stakeholders to use and apply the data to accelerate research on the Galveston Bay system. Additionally, the datasets included in the RMD have been handpicked for their potential use as ecosystem indicators, in collaboration with the Galveston Bay Estuary Program (GBEP), to measure the Bay’s overall health. The RMD therefore creates efficiencies, cost savings, enhanced access to quality information, and more opportunities for collaboration and research in the region.

The RMD has three main sections: Data Downloads, Data Catalog, and Interactive Tools.

  • The Data Downloads feature enables bulk downloads of entire datasets.
  • The Data Catalog section is a searchable interface which now includes 33 datasets and 13 resource links.
  • The Interactive Tools element now includes a suite of 14 interactive data applications.

Users can explore, visualize, and create custom subsets of data to download covering a variety of subjects including Water, Sediment, and Tissue Quality; Human Role; Bay and Public health; Freshwater Inflows; Habitat, Fisheries and Wildlife; and Invasive Species.

The RMD also has a Feedback Submission Tool, which allows users to provide comments and suggestions, or to ask questions while exploring its different features. We encourage you to use the feedback tool to make your views heard on how to improve the RMD.

This project is funded with a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s Galveston Bay Estuary Program.