Environmentalists give Galveston Bay a ‘C’ for overall health

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By Nick Powell, Houston Chronicle

The water quality in Texas’ largest estuary worsened in 2018, a report released Wednesday stated, owing to higher concentrations of pollutants in regional watersheds and bayous and possible lingering effects from Hurricane Harvey.

report card released by the Galveston Bay Foundation and the Houston Advanced Research Center

indicated Galveston Bay had higher levels of phosphorus than in previous years — the source of which has flummoxed environmentalists. The report was based on 2018 data culled from local, state and federal agencies. READ MORE

It’s a reminder that the natural systems that support the bay actually have evolved to withstand extreme events and can adapt to extreme events as long as we let them and we don’t get in the way.

Lisa Gonzalez, HARC, President and CEO