Qian Song, GISP

Senior Geodatabase Administrator
Geographic Information Systems

Ms. Qian Song is the Senior Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Geodatabase Administrator and is responsible for mapping production, interactive GIS web applications development, geospatial data development, and geospatial analysis for multidisciplinary projects. She also organizes and maintains HARC’s geospatial library and data portal sites.

Prior to joining HARC, Ms. Song was a Research Assistant at Shanghai Ocean University, focusing on coastal ocean numerical modeling. Her professional interests include GIS web application development, geospatial analysis, data visualization, coastal ocean modeling, and marine environment conservation.

Ms. Song won two 2nd place awards in the 2018 Houston Region GIS Expo Map Gallery competition. The two awards were given for cartographic design and analytical content. The gallery entry was for HARC’s work on the story map for the Environmental Impacts of Hurricane Harvey. The story map showed analysis results on flooding and related impacts such as storm-related spills, pollutants, Superfund impacts, water quality, air quality, and power generation.

Ms. Song earned a Master of Science in Geographic Information Science from the University of Redlands in California. She also earned a Master of Science in Fishery Resources, and a Bachelor of Science in Marine Technology from Shanghai Ocean University. She is a certified GIS professional (GISP).

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