MAP: A look at Houston’s hottest neighborhoods

HARC in the News


By Debbie Strauss, Special Projects Producer, and Frank Billingsley, Chief Meteorologist, Click2Houston.com

You know that it’s hot in Houston, but some neighborhoods under the same weather conditions can be 20 degrees hotter than a place just down the road.

A study conducted by city, county and non-profit groups found just how drastic the difference can be.

Last August, volunteers spent the day driving around the county measuring the temperature in the morning,

afternoon and evening.

The results were calculated and released earlier this year.


So, urban heat islands are when you have warmer temperatures surrounded by cooler temperatures. And those warmer temperatures are made possible when you have a lot of heat being given off. And a lot of heat being absorbed. So areas with buildings, a lot of streets, little tree-cover, those are what tend to drive urban heat.

Dr. Meredith Jennings, HARC