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Dr. Asanga Wijesinghe to Present Abstract at Upcoming Conference

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Monday, April 1, 2019

Dr. Wijesinghe recently submitted an abstract to the Air & Waste Management Association and was selected for presentation at the 2019 Air Quality Measurements Methods and Technology Conference in Durham, North Carolina, April 2-4. The title of the abstract is Traffic-Related Air Pollution Monitoring with Computer Vision-Based Traffic Count and Cloud-Based Data Visualization Techniques.

Dr. Wijesinghe’s abstract was derived from monitoring regional air quality with the HARC mobile laboratory. HARC has developed a mobile air quality monitoring laboratory to allow researchers to analyze “real-world” pollution levels in communities that may be at risk, wherever those communities and sites maybe. The HARC mobile lab, which can be deployed rapidly and used remotely almost anywhere with vehicular access, can simultaneously measure multiple pollutants to a quantifiable standard while both stationary or in motion.