Stephanie Glenn, PhD

Vice President
Research - Water

Dr. Stephanie Glenn is the Vice President of Research Water. She is responsible for the development and supervision of projects to improve the sustainable management of water and ecological resources. Her current research includes coastal groundwater quality and quantity, watershed protection and surface water quality, climate resilience, water sustainability and management, ecosystem adaptation, and climate impacts on water resources.

Dr. Glenn leads a team of scientists, sustainability experts, and support staff that work to incorporate independent research into advancing scientific solutions relating to climate and water issues. In addition to her leadership activities, her research focuses on the analysis and dissemination of data relating to water quality and quantity, watershed health, climate impacts on water and the health and productivity of coastal watersheds and the Gulf of Mexico. Dr. Glenn has experience managing and analyzing large environmental monitoring data sets, developing climate and water risk indicators, and disseminating science-based information to interested stakeholders and the public.

Dr. Glenn joined HARC in January of 2003 after graduating with a Doctorate in Environmental Science and Engineering from Rice University in Houston, Texas. She earned a Master of Science in Environmental Science from Indiana University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Northwestern University. She previously worked for the Department of Energy in Defense Programs as a specialist in information management and technical writing. She has also worked for The National Park Service as an ecological scientist.

Authored Publications and Related Projects

Mace, R. E., Glenn, S., Ellis, J., Miller, G. R., Oliver, W., Seifert, W. J., Sharp, Jr., J. M., Tracy, J., and Wang, G. (2021). Observed and potential land subsidence in the Gulf Coast Aquifer of Montgomery County. Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies (GCAGS) GeoGulf Transactions, 71, p. 455.

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Stephanie Glenn. (2021). Depletion of Groundwater: The Surface-Groundwater Connection. In J. Schmandt, A. Kibaraglu, R. Buono & S. Thomas (Eds.), Sustainability of Engineered Rivers in Arid Lands: Challenge and Response (pp. 46-56). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Dillingham, G., Gonzalez, L., Badoian-Kriticos, M., & Glenn, S. (2019). Funding Resilience in the Greater Houston Region: Synopsis from a Public-Private Sector. (Green Paper Report)

Stephanie M. Glenn, Ryan M. Bare and Bradley S. Neish. (2017). Modeling Bacterial Load Scenarios in a Texas Coastal Watershed to Support Decision-Making for Improving Water Quality. Texas Water Journal, 8(1), pp 57-66.

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