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Thank you for your interest in supporting HARC. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we serve as an educational and information resource for the public and private sector. Our work promotes sustainable technologies and policies based on scientific principles. Help to create a sustainable future for the greater Houston region and beyond — fund our program of work by underwriting a center of research and study, publication, or program. Your tax-deductible donation can be provided on a monthly or annual basis.

Intern Program For A Sustainable Tomorrow

With education a central part of its mission, HARC annually opens its campus to a team of bright and enthusiastic interns. We appreciate your interest in helping to support the bright futures of these interns.

Help to build brighter futures for local students

The goal of HARC’s intern programs is to provide opportunities for students to experience in fields relating to sustainability, energy, engineering, and environmental sciences. Students will have meaningful work assignments shadowing research staff, collecting data, attending networking events, observing operations, assisting in data analysis, and many other duties.

The student will have personal contact with research scientists, as well as managers and executives to help them explore future career possibilities. HARC’s intern program seeks to reinforce STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education and build a diverse workforce of the future with students of varied backgrounds and life experiences. Support for this program is a unique option for organizations seeking to support hands-on education.

HARC’s focus is to provide independent scientific analyses to educate, empower, and inspire.

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