It Begins With Research

HARC’s focus is to provide independent air, energy, and water analyses to people seeking scientific answers. By providing research on air quality, clean energy, water quality, and resilience, we build a more sustainable future.

By supporting the implementation of policies and technologies that promote sustainability based on scientific principles, we create resilient solutions.

203 Technologies Assessed
2070 Equivalent Trees Planted
4050 Reached Through Educational Programs
1375 Annual Visitors to HARC Living Lab


HARC provides the information, data, resources, and tools necessary to improve decision-making about issues that affect human well-being and the environment.


HARC delivers consistently high-quality work products and services through expert management of large, multi-year research and collaboration with multiple partners to execute projects on scope, on time, and on budget. Using this unique skill set, HARC researchers conduct timely, focused research on a set of questions central to understanding the interactions between the environment and society.



HARC collaborates with the private sector, government, community groups, and academia to identify problems and investigate the scientific and policy basis for sustainability solutions.


By maintaining relationships with multiple organizations, we ensure that our work influences decision-making related to key sustainability issues and challenges. HARC also provides an evidence-based scientific foundation for better policy decisions through reliance on a multidisciplinary team structure, mediation between research communities and society, maintenance of a broad and deep sustainability knowledge base, and deployment of appropriate communication and technology solutions.


HARC is an educational resource and works with partners to find solutions to sustainability problems by balancing environmental protection, economic well-being, and social equity.


We hire and inspire students through various internship opportunities highlighting the opportunities of a career in research. We host a variety of public events, bringing nationally recognized experts and the public together to talk openly from multiple viewpoints about issues facing our growing region. Our researchers export their knowledge via workshops, webinars, and conferences. The goals of our educational outreach are to stimulate discussion, facilitate understanding, inspire action, and seek cooperation among our region’s leaders and community members.


HARC’s multidisciplinary, applied, and integrated approach differentiates its research from that of universities.


Our research differs from that of advocacy organizations due to the objective, non-partisan values to which HARC is committed. At the same time, we are more proactive and less constrained than government agencies or corporations. Services include big data management and analyses, creation of online platforms that provide information technology tools, and applications pertaining to sustainability.

HARC’s building reduces its carbon footprint daily, equating to nearly 10 acres of heavily forested land since its doors opened.

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