Regional Groundwater Science Partnership and Science Advisory Committee Release Guidance Report and Story Map and Dashboard

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Houston, TX (July 1, 2021) – The Regional Groundwater Science Partnership announces a report summarizing guidance for monitoring land subsidence in Montgomery County, Texas, and an interactive mapping and data narrative to inform on groundwater in the region.

The Guidance for Monitoring Land Subsidence in Montgomery County, Texas report, generated by an independent Science Advisory Committee (SAC) of leading researchers from around Texas, provides a detailed set of recommendations to implement an integrated approach evaluating current and historical groundwater resources and subsidence in Montgomery County.

Ensuring we understand what an aquifer is, how aquifers are used, how we get drinking water from aquifers, and what entities govern their usage is critical to managing water resources sustainably. The Know Your Aquifer Story Map provides information on these critical issues. In addition, an interactive Groundwater Dashboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section at the end allows the exploration of data and information to answer additional questions you may have.

Special-use districts, including Montgomery County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1, Southern Montgomery County MUD, The Woodlands Township, and the Woodlands Water Agency, comprise the Regional Groundwater Science Partnership. The purpose of the coalition is to promote independent, science-based research and data analysis. The Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) serves as the project manager and will provide ongoing reports and public outreach products summarizing the SAC’s findings for community members and decision-makers in the greater Houston-Galveston region.

View the story map, download the report and learn about groundwater at www.harcresearch.org/rgwsp.

About the Regional Groundwater Science Partnership

Regional stakeholders created the Regional Groundwater Science Partnership to enable science-based review, community education, and outreach activities. The Partnership’s work is financially supported by the Groundwater Research Consortium, comprised of municipalities and special-use districts in the greater Houston-Galveston Region. The Groundwater Science Advisory Committee (SAC) is comprised of leading groundwater and subsidence researchers from institutions around Texas.

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