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Cost-Effective Measures to Reduce PM2.5 in Harris County

In 2015 HARC completed a project that identified the primary sources of fine particulate matter or PM2.5 pollutants in Harris County as well as the control measures that can be used to reduce them. Each control measure has a unique efficiency and cost. All of the data for the PM2.5 sources, control measures, efficiencies and costs have been entered into HARC’s PM2.5 web based application for PM2.5 Reduction Scenarios. In order to identify the most cost-effective means for reducing PM2.5, the user can mix and match the various sources with the control techniques that are valid for each source and find the cost of PM2.5 reductions in dollars per ton. By selecting a variety of different scenarios the user can identify the PM2.5 sources and the specific control measures that should be selected in order to reduce fine particulate matter at the lowest cost. HARC’s PM2.5 Web Application for PM2.5 Reduction Scenarios also includes options for the advanced user to adjust costs and efficiencies of controls, explore in greater detail the “behind the scenes” calculations, and search for additional details using a search tool based on numerous PM2.5 references.

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