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HARC Aims to Reduce Climate Risk in Urban and Coastal Systems with New Research Program

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Friday, October 25, 2019

HOUSTON, TX - (Oct. 25, 2019) – HARC (the Houston Advanced Research Center) announced today the creation of a new research program to help reduce the negative consequences of climate change on urban and coastal areas in Texas.

“Nearly one quarter of Texas’ growing population lives on the coast and more than 75 percent of the state’s population lives in urban areas. Climate risk is one of the largest issues facing these regions with the potential to affect ecosystems, quality of life of residents and future infrastructure development and economic success,” said HARC President and CEO, Lisa Gonzalez. “Effective strategies and solutions will have to be identified and implemented over the long term in a multi-sectoral fashion with many partners and HARC seeks to be engaged in bringing research, people and organizations together on this issue.”

The Climate Risk in Urban and Coastal Systems initiative will combine HARC’s expertise in translating science to actionable programs and policies that advance climate resilience solutions for neighborhoods, cities, and regions.

“Climate change has proven to be one of the most pressing concerns for the state and our region, especially as it relates to energy and water,” added HARC Clean Energy Program Director, Dr. Gavin Dillingham. “By expanding our reach with new research focused on climate risk, we can apply HARC’s multi-disciplinary approach to aid policy makers, communities and the private sector with key tools and strategies to address climate change vulnerabilities.”

Gonzalez said that HARC will hire a new Program Director to lead the Climate Risk in Urban and Coastal Systems initiative. The Program Director will be responsible for developing this new program area, leading programmatic business development activities, managing research teams, and performing basic and applied research and policy research support.

Candidates may apply online at, click on Job Opportunities.

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