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Environmentally Friendly Drilling: Research Addresses Technical Challenges, Societal Issues, and Environmental Performance

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The HARC Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program provides unbiased science to address environmental and societal aspects of all oil and gas activities. Research focuses on water resources and treatment technologies, flaring mitigation, air quality, engine emissions and more. EFD works collaboratively with partners in industry, academia, environmental groups, and regulatory authorities, engaging diverse perspectives to identify challenges and develop solutions. The EFD Program has performed research in technologies and practices to improve environmental performance, including field research to better understand the challenges, test new ideas and document results.

Research is essential for innovation in responsible resource development. As the energy industry evolves and environmental stewardship becomes ever more important, cost-effective ways to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and recycle produced water are top priorities. EFD researchers utilize advanced instrumentation and a broad base of scientific expertise to understand and address these areas of need for the energy industry, with social responsibility and environmental protection inherent in all aspects.

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