HARC's Clean Energy Research

Creates a Sustainable Energy Future

How does the resilience of our electric power systems improve with increasing severe weather risk? What steps should cities take to meet emission reduction goals? How is the green divide effectively reduced and clean energy options are brought to areas of lower socioeconomic levels? HARC’s program of Energy Research seeks to find answers to these questions and many, many more.

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Clean Energy

Rooted in our founder’s vision, HARC’s Energy research seeks to create a more sustainable energy future. A big part of this would be an expansion of clean energy.

Texas is already a leader in renewable energy development. We see this leadership continue with the expansion of renewable energy deployment across the state. The ERCOT Interconnection Dashboard has been created to help with tracking new generation development and investment across the state of Texas. Explore this application to view new power generation activity in your area by county.

high voltage post.High-voltage tower sky background.

Energy Resilience

HARC’s clean energy program of work will guide policymakers and industry leaders towards improvements in areas such as electric power resilience, energy efficiency, and distributed energy resources.

Last year, HARC began a new Department of Energy-funded project, Powered For Good. The goal of this project is to design and help deliver clean, low-cost, 100% renewable electricity offerings and battery storage for low-income households in Texas. Check out Powered for Good to learn more about how HARC is helping to reduce the green energy divide.

Energy Efficiency

In addition, and through its partnership with the public sector, HARC works with utilities, regulators, commercial building owners, residential builders, and homeowners to build a better case for energy efficiency.

Explore a variety of online resources with HARC’s Texas Clean Energy Hub, funded by the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO).  The website houses a variety of interactive tools, podcasts, webinars, guides, and case studies to help accelerate the adoption of distributed generation and energy efficiency projects in Texas.

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HARC is committed to developing and implementing policies and programs to support the health and vitality of under-resourced communities.

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