Climate Research

Problem Solving With a Systems Approach

HARC’s climate research is driven by the importance of problem solving with a systems approach. We bring together HARC’s multidisciplinary air, energy, and water expertise in a way that provides practical, science-based solutions to communities to identify and mitigate risk to increase the sustainability of the upper Texas Gulf Coast.

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Planning and Adapting for Climate Change

Our world and climate are changing at a more rapid pace than previously thought. HARC’s research seeks to provide pragmatic and real-time solutions to address the needs of our region, our state, and the world.

From climate modeling to technology implementation, our team of researchers brings forth data and science-based solutions to share with policy-makers, stakeholders, and the private sector.

Assessing Climate Impacts

HARC research provides resources on climate change impacts with projects that assess how increasing temperatures, increased frequency and intensity of hurricanes, and the overall health indicators of Galveston Bay have been impacted by climate change.

Quantifying these complex elements of climate change will provide greater understanding and support progress towards more solutions that are needed for the future.

Mitigating Climate Change

Research that accelerates the reduction of greenhouse gases and creates a more robust dialogue on the topic of climate change is one of the key focus areas for HARC’s climate research. 

HARC’s Climate team analyzes various mitigation strategies for climate change impacts. HARC’s Work on microgrids and resilient power systems, providing passive survivability resources to residential homeowners, and an in-depth study of air quality during the pandemic are just a few examples of the many different approaches HARC analyzes for mitigating climate change impacts.

HARC is committed to developing and implementing policies and programs to support the health and vitality of under-resourced communities.

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