Is Your Renewable Energy Electricity Plan Really Supporting Texas Wind And Solar?

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By Kyra Buckley, Houston Public Media

Unlike most cities across the country, Houstonians have lots of choices when it comes to buying electricity – including plans for people who want to support renewable energy.

Houstonians have hundreds of choices when signing up for an electricity plan. There are around 40 different retail electricity providers offering plans based on things like budget, family size, and increasing in popularity, plans backed by renewable energy.

However, even if you’re signed up for a renewable energy plan, your home is nonetheless powered by a mix of gas, coal, nuclear, wind and solar energy.


“We can’t separate electrons into buckets and deliver specific electrons to somebody’s house,” says Rebecca Bridges, Chief Marketing Officer for ElectricityPlans.com.



When a customer buys a renewable plan, their retail electric provider goes out and purchases RECs, and the actual purchasing and trading of those takes place at ERCOT.

Mike Hoke, Director of Government Relations for the Public Utility Commission