Honing in on Houston’s Heat Island Hot Spots Helps Us All

HARC in the News


By Kyle Hagerty, propmodo

It’s hot in Houston, I can tell you from first-hand experience. Triple-digit heat is here to stay until the fall. The city’s concrete sprawl is making things worse, turning it and the surrounding area  into an urban heat island. A report from Climate Central ranked Houston as the fourth-worst urban heat island, behind New Orleans, Newark, and New York. These head islands are in the news more than ever as we

see record temperatures around the world. Impermeable surfaces, lack of greenery, tall buildings, and heat created by human activities makes cities hotter than other areas in outlying regions experiencing the same weather.


Ultimately, the urban heat island effect can impact many aspects of human health and well-being. This study will be an important first step to help communities understand urban heat islands, guide policymakers on next steps, and move forward with science-backed solutions to improve quality of life.

Dr. Meredith Jennings, HARC