How Harris County and Houston are monitoring air quality

HARC in the News


By Emily Foxhall, Houston Chronicle

The latest grant-funded project, coordinated by the Environmental Defense Fund, highlights the ongoing local effort since last year’s disaster to take more responsibility for air monitoring.

The Intercontinental Terminals Co. storage tanks were on fire, sending a black plume across Harris County. Some families wondered if they needed to shelter in place. Others questioned whether sheltering in place was safe. Commissioner Adrian Garcia wished for more data.

Part of a nearby state air monitor was offline for some seven hours during the crisis for a quality check. The county, meanwhile, had what Garcia called an “almost nonexistent” ability to measure air pollution from the fire on its own. READ MORE

At the end of the day, that’s what really drove the public crazy. Do I go outside or do I not go outside? Is it safe or not? Because everybody was telling you something different.

Dr. Mustapha Beydoun, HARC