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HARC uses a variety of geospatial and analytical tools to develop data and applications. HARC also has access to a variety of application templates that can be configured to the needs of the project, minimizing the need for in-depth programming, and thus focusing on the more important task of communicating information in an engaging and intuitive manner.

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To share the story behind the data, our team utilizes an integrated geospatial and analytics platform to produce interactive dashboards, analytical tools, and Story Maps that provide context for a variety of information delivery needs.

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North America seen from space

Winter Storm Uri Experience

This application explores Winter Storm Uri’s impact on Texas’ energy and water systems and highlights strategies to improve climate resilience at the household, community, and statewide levels.

Information included in the application describes how the Texas power grid operates; Uri’s impacts on electricity generation, natural gas and water supplies, and air quality; and climate resilience lessons for the future. 

Find Your Watershed Tool

Today HARC’s GIS professionals are breaking down barriers and opening access to the large and rich databases. This allows subject matter experts and those leading research efforts to more easily query and explore data to get answers to their research questions.

For example, the interactive Find Your Watershed Tool is a great way to find out what watershed you live in, and how your watershed connects to the Galveston Bay. Enter an address or zip code, and find out how your area scored from the most recent Galveston Bay Report Card. Look up the grades for where you live, where you work, where you go to school, and where you like to play around Galveston Bay.

HARC is committed to developing and implementing policies and programs to support the health and vitality of under-resourced communities.

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