Our Focus

Geospatial & Analytics

HARC uses a variety of geospatial and analytical tools to develop data and applications. Our geospatial platform allows HARC to create private or public applications to view data using maps, charts, and other visualization methods. HARC has access to a variety of application templates that can be configured to the needs of the project, minimizing the need for in-depth programming, and thus focusing on the more important task of communicating information in an engaging and intuitive manner.

Key Capabilities:

  • Uses a combination of analytical tools and authoritative data to provide answers and insights across the spectrum of HARC’s Air, Energy, Water, and Resilience focus areas.
  • Translates data into information that unlocks geographic patterns and hidden insights to see the bigger picture.
  • Utilizes an integrated geospatial & analytics platform that producing interactive dashboards, analytical tools, and Story Maps that provide context for a variety of information delivery needs.

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