Trash in Galveston Bay is your problem [Opinion]

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By T’Noya Thompson, Galveston Bay Foundation

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The Houston-Galveston area produces 4.5 million pounds of solid trash every single year. Individually, Houstonians throw away around eight pounds of garbage every single day. And when all that trash does not get disposed of properly, an overwhelming amount of it inevitably ends up in one of our community’s most valuable natural resources — Galveston Bay.

As the population in the area grows, so does the amount of waste, making it increasingly difficult to capture an accurate snapshot of Galveston Bay’s trash problem. READ MORE

The health of Galveston Bay is everyone’s responsibility. Make it yours by securing your trash and picking up litter when you see it, even if it’s not your own.

T’Noya Thompson, Galveston Bay Foundation