HARC Partnership with HyVelocity Selected by U.S. Department of Energy to Develop Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub

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The HyVelocity Hydrogen Hub will rapidly scale clean hydrogen supply and demand, and deliver benefits to disadvantaged communities along the Texas Gulf Coast and Southwest Louisiana.

Houston, TX (October 13, 2023) – HARC is pleased to announce that the partnership for the HyVelocity Hydrogen Hub has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations to begin award negotiations for the development of a Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub, which is estimated to receive up to $1.2 billion in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding. Leveraging the world’s largest concentration of existing hydrogen production and end-use assets in Texas and Southwest Louisiana, the HyVelocity Gulf Coast Hydrogen Hub (HyVelocity) will deliver the benefits of clean hydrogen and good-paying jobs to local communities in these regions.

Administered by GTI Energy, HyVelocity is a collaborative of successful global energy partners working to advance clean hydrogen in the region. The full partnership is comprised of several experienced and leading organizations, including HARC, AES Corporation, Air Liquide, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Mitsubishi Power Americas, Ørsted, Sempra Infrastructure, University of Texas at Austin, the Center for Houston’s Future, and 90+ organizations from industry, community engagement, labor organizations, academia, non-profits, and state and local government.

The goal of the DOE-funded Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs (H2Hubs) program is to establish hydrogen hubs across the country that will focus on helping communities benefit from clean energy investments, good-paying jobs, and improved energy security. HyVelocity and the other hubs will create networks of hydrogen producers, consumers, and local infrastructure to promote and accelerate the use of hydrogen (including production, processing, delivery, storage, and end-use) as a clean energy carrier. The program is part of the federal government’s plan to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

An integral part of the government’s program is its Justice40 Initiative, which ensures that at least 40% of the clean energy benefits resulting from the project will flow to disadvantaged communities. The DOE requires H2Hubs grant recipients to commit to a Community Benefits Plan that includes community and labor engagement; investing in the American workforce; diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility; and Justice40 commitments.

John Hall, HARC’s President and CEO, confirmed that HARC will take a leading role in HyVelocity’s implementation of this initiative. “HARC is committed to using its expertise to support HyVelocity’s deployment of programs related to climate equity for the communities that need it most,” he said. “These communities are often referred to as “disadvantaged” due to the lack of infrastructure investment, a high rate of joblessness, a high energy burden, and environmental hardships. HARC will work within HyVelocity to ensure open and transparent dialogue with communities that helps to deliver an improved quality of life, provide good jobs, and help to grow and further develop women- and minority-owned businesses.”

An equitable transition to a clean energy future requires that the communities affected by industrial development and operations have the opportunity to participate in and influence the design and implementation of the energy systems that are intended to serve them. As part of its climate equity strategy, HARC will work with HyVelocity to establish Community Benefits Hubs to partner with communities most affected by climate change to provide capacity building through community engagement, outreach and education, technical assistance and program administration, and ensure accountability of the benefits that flow to the communities.

The Gulf Coast has over 1,000 miles of hydrogen pipelines, 48 hydrogen production plants, and several dozen hydrogen end-use applications, making it an excellent location for a regional clean hydrogen hub. With its impressive mix of industry collaboration and expertise, HyVelocity will build on these and other energy resources within the region to strengthen economic resilience, deliver jobs and economic benefits to vulnerable communities, enhance labor standards, and improve local air quality and overall quality of life to make a positive impact on the communities in the Gulf Coast region.

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HARC is committed to using its expertise to support HyVelocity’s deployment of programs related to climate equity for the communities that need it most.

John Hall, HARC President and CEO