Energy Crossroads: A HARC Podcast Series

HARC Podcasts


By Dr. Gavin Dillingham, HARC and Marina Badoian-Kriticos, HARC

Join HARC Energy experts as they have candid conversations with a variety of industry leaders including solution providers, finance experts, and end users who discuss clean energy investment best practices and financing tools. The podcast explores some of the most challenging issues commercial, industrial and institutional property owners and managers face when making clean energy investment decisions and examples of how to implement successful clean energy projects.

Episode 9 – Texas Legislative Roundup

In this episode of Energy Crossroads, we are joined by Michael Jewell, Managing Attorney of Jewel and Associates and a seasoned government affairs professional, to discuss energy efficiency and clean energy solutions and the policy environment in Texas.


Episode 7 - Bridging the Green Divide in Texas

In this episode of Energy Crossroads, we are joined by Dana Harmon, the executive director of Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute (TEPRI).  Dana has spent over 15 years working in the energy and consumer products space, and TEPRI is dedicated to inspiring lasting energy solutions for low-income communities.


Episode 6 - Solar + Storage Finance Opportunities

In this episode of Energy Crossroads, we are joined by Greg Rosen, Founder and Principal at High Noon Advisors, an advisory firm focused on the rapidly evolving space comprised of renewable energy, efficiency, storage, software, finance, policy, and energy access.  Greg is a renewables finance veteran and strategist who has developed or financed more than $400 million worth of residential, commercial, and utility solar projects.


Episode 5 - Residential Solar Financing

In this episode of Energy Crossroads, we are joined by Jordan Fruge’, a national leader in the renewable energy and solar industries and founder and President of Fastrac Energy Services, a residential solar installation provider. We take a deep dive into the current state of residential solar, as the push to decarbonize reshapes energy markets. We explore solar financing options, trends in the Texas market, and how property owners can assess the choice that works best for them. We also unpack the dramatic changes in the energy markets and talk through the shift to distributed local energy.


Episode 4 - Solutions for Financing Energy Efficiency – Part 2

In this episode of Energy Crossroads, we continue our deep dive into the world of energy finance in the second of this two-part series. We discuss how to finance clean energy projects in Texas and how to attract capital to implement wide-scale energy efficiency improvements. We are joined by Steve Brown, President of Capital Assets, a company that focuses on sustainable energy development and public affairs; and Jonathon Blackburn, Renewable Energy M&A and Development for RWE, and former Managing Director of Texas PACE Authority.


Episode 3 - Solutions for Financing Energy Efficiency – Part 1

In this episode of Energy Crossroads, we discuss how businesses can utilize innovative and effective financing strategies for renewable and energy efficiency projects. We talk with two experts in this field. Natalie Campos Goodman is Founder of Incentifind, a company that connects property owners with green incentives. Sean Ribble is Business Development Director at Greenworks Lending, a financing source for clean and renewable energy.


Episode 2 - Picking up the Texas PACE

In this episode of Energy Crossroads, we explore the world of Texas PACE with Rachel Davis (Senior Vice President of Sales at Petros) and Seth Eslami (Chief Operating Officer and Property Seth Eslami (Chief Operating Officer and Property Manager at 1225 North Loop West) and suggest resources for our listeners who choose to take a deeper dive on the topic.


Episode 1 - The Value of Financing Energy Efficiency

In this episode of Energy Crossroads, we discuss the benefits and value of financing energy efficiency, through the lens of facility and energy managers. Listen to our conversation with Dean Stanberry (Office of Facilities Management, USGSA; IFMA Board of Directors Second Vice Chair) and Rob Hamon (Director of Energy and Sustainability, Boxer Properties) as we explore ways to finance energy efficiency projects. We also talk about the future of financing energy projects, given the impact of COVID-19 and other trends affecting the industry.


This podcast series is underwritten by the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) and The Mitchell Foundation.