Put More Green in Your Greenhouse With CHP

Collaborative Programming


Combined heat and power (CHP) is an effective way to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and decrease carbon emissions while improving facility resilience and meeting sustainability goals. Join experts from AB Energy USA and the Department of Energy’s Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnership for an interactive session that will explain how CHP supports food, power resilience, and decarbonization at greenhouses.

Register today to learn from a panel of experts. Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify and discuss the how CHP works as an energy source.
  • Outline the economic and environmental benefits of CHP applications.
  • Understand how CHP supports food growth and power resilience in greenhouses.
  • Describe how facilities can meet sustainability goals by decreasing emissions and lowering carbon footprint through CHP.

Who should attend?

● Facility Managers
● Contractors
● Service/maintenance staff
● Energy Managers
● Engineers
● Sustainability Managers
● Resilience Officers


● Dick Kramp, Sales Director Greenhouse Application, AB Energy USA
● Margaret Cook, PhD, Research Associate, Southcentral CHP TAP
● McKenzie Roberts, Research Assistant, Southcentral CHP TAP

Event Information


Jul 21, 2021 - Jul 21, 2021


Via Zoom