Powered for Good: Powered on for Texans

Lunch & Learns


On April 20, 2022 HARC hosted it second webinar for 2022. The topic featured a recent project, Powered for Good, which helps to bridge the green divide and bring lower-cost renewable energy to millions of Texans. 

To view a recording for the webinar, please click here:

April 20 Webinar Recording

Q: How do we create the opportunity in Texas’s deregulated energy market to provide low-cost and greater access to clean and renewable energy for more Texans?  

In Texas, state regulations allow millions of people to select their electricity provider.  

Although costs of solar and wind power are at record lows and continue to decline, Texans with less disposable income often pay more for electricity and have limited access to green energy and emergency backup power.  

The goal of Powered for Good is to design and help deliver clean, affordable, 100% renewable electricity offerings for low-income households in Texas’s Competitive Retail Areas, where households can choose their electricity provider. 

In HARC’s next webinar, learn how Powered for Good operates, the resources it provides, and how this initiative can help your community.  

Margaret Cook, PhD, Senior Research Associate
Deborah Nabaloga, Research Assistant in Energy Policy
Gavin Dillingham, PhD, VP of Energy 

Who should attend
Architects, Engineers, Climate Change Professionals, Adaptation Professionals, Local Government Employees, Sustainability-focused Organizations, Community-based Organizations 

Learning objectives  

  • Identify the main components of the Powered for Good model and how the project can decrease energy burdens in disadvantaged communities.  
  • Understand whether and how the PFG model could work for your community. 
  • Recognize the benefits of Energy Well Texas and how it provides greater access through reduction of costs to access residential energy sources that are clean and renewable.  
  • Learn more about Powered for Good through the Fact Sheets and User Guides available online.  

Event Information


Apr 20, 2022 - Apr 20, 2022


Via Zoom