Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Webinar


No Vacancy: CHP Keeps the Lights on in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is characterized for the continuous operation of its buildings for the comfort and safety of their occupants. Facilities like hotels have proven to be critical not only during natural disasters such as hurricane Laura, but also during the aftermath when the damage to the power infrastructure forces to relocate people until its reconstruction is completed.

Combined heat and power (CHP) technologies are helping these buildings achieve their efficiency, environmental and resilience goals. Traditionally, CHP has been seen largely as an industrial and manufacturing application. However, now with improvements in the technology efficiency at smaller sizes and the growing diversity of applications, CHP is finding its way into other applications with a high number of hours of operation, such as hotels of any size.

We invite you to join the Upper-West Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Technical Assistance Partnership with the collaboration of Aegis Energy, IFMA and ESUS, as we present webinar on the growing opportunities for CHP in the Hospitality Industry. We will be joined by Kyle Krow, Strategic Accounts Manager at Aegis Energy Services. Kyle will discuss different successful installations including their technical features and the business models adopted by the users.

Carlos Gamarra, Ph.D., P.E., CEM- Assistant Director DOE’s Southcentral CHP TAP, Senior Research Associate, Clean Energy Technology Group at HARC

Marina Badoian-Kriticos- Assistant Director DOE’s Upperwest CHP TAP, Research Scientist, Energy and Natural Resource Policy at HARC

Kyle Krow, Strategic Accounts Manager at Aegis Energy Services

Event Information


Sep 29, 2020


Via Zoom