Seeking Partners Who Seek Solutions

HARC is a multi-faceted organization that supports the sustainability work of communities and local governments, non-profit organizations, and private and public sector institutions. We are interested in partnering on projects to provide scientific analyses to address many of the complex challenges facing our world.

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HARC delivers excellence in the following.

Big Picture Analysis

Many organizations invest in collecting large amounts of data that are under-analyzed. HARC has skills and experience in using data management and analytics to convert large quantities of data into meaningful information.

Technology Innovation

HARC creates value-added, information technology tools, data platforms and applications pertaining to sustainability. HARC also delivers excellence in assessing equipment and systems that benefit the environment in areas of air quality, clean energy, climate risk, and water resource protection.

Partnership and Stakeholder Engagement

HARC collaborates with institutions and individuals from the private sector, government, community groups, and academia to identify problems and investigate the scientific and policy basis for solutions. HARC maintains relationships with multiple organizations to ensure that our work influences decision-making related to sustainability.

Policy Development Support

HARC provides the scientific foundation for better policy decisions through reliance on a collaborative and multidisciplinary team structure, mediation between the research community and society, maintenance of a broad and deep sustainability knowledge base, and deployment of effective communication and technology solutions.

Research Management

HARC manages large, regional, multi-year research efforts; coordinating the work of multiple partners to execute projects on scope, on time and on budget, delivering consistently high-quality work products and services.

GeoTechnology Research Institute (GTRI)

State and local entities can work with HARC through its GeoTechnology Research Institute (GTRI) arm. HARC (GTRI) may receive funds from the federal government or the state government, including grants, contracts, and direct appropriations to the institute as well as contributions from private sources. State agencies can provide funding to HARC (GTRI) through interagency agreements without the requirement for a competitive procurement process. The use of state funds is limited to expenditure for basic and applied research and analysis and to develop and apply technological advances and databases in the field of geosciences.