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Storm Risk Calculator

The Storm Risk Calculator is an online tool for City of Houston and Harris County residents to learn about the risks they face from tropical storm and hurricane-induced hazards. The goal of the tool is to inform residents about their local risks and to promote compliance with recommendations from city and county officials in the event of a hurricane.

The project is led by Dr. Birnur Guven, Research Scientist in Environmental Modeling with partners at Rice University. HARC has been working with Rice University since 2010 to develop engineering models to predict risk associated with hurricane-related hazards including wind damage, rainfall flooding, storm surge flooding, and power outages for Harris County and display them on the Storm Risk Calculator website in real-time prior to and during the approach of a tropical storm event.

The project team has also been studying evacuation behavior, compliance issues, household preparedness, and risk communication during hurricane events via public surveys conducted right after the event.

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