Franklin Junay Lemus

Graduate IT Intern

Franklin Junay Lemus is a Graduate IT Intern at HARC. He is responsible for assisting with data analysis, report building, and content creation for a wide-ranging variety of projects. Additionally, he assists with IT support and maintenance of onsite servers, software, and hardware.

Mr. Junay Lemus graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from Sam Houston State University with a minor in Computing Science. He is currently enrolled at the University of Houston pursuing a Master of Science in Management Information Systems.

Key research projects for HARC include the ERCOT Interconnection Dashboard, Clean Energy Hub and the Texas Residential Passive Survivability.

Prior to joining HARC in 2019, Mr. Junay Lemus served in the United States Marine Corps for 8 years as an Administrative Specialist. He also worked at Sam Houston State University as a Service Desk Technician providing IT support for 18,000 staff and students.

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