HARC & Green Mountain Energy Partner for Net Zero Energy Building

HARC in the News


By Kacey Wilkins, HARC

HOUSTON, TX – HARC and Green Mountain Energy Sun Club leaders celebrated the completion of a sustainability project signifying a major step towards the organization’s goal of achieving a highly regarded net zero energy (NZE) status, which would make the HARC headquarters in The Woodlands the first commercial building in Texas to accomplish the feat.


A $136,000 Sun Club grant supported the purchase and installation of additional solar panels on the roof of HARC’s LEED Platinum building. By optimizing energy efficiency and production, HARC’s facility is on track to reach the NZE designation, positioning the environmental research firm as a regional leader in sustainability solutions. READ MORE

The HARC building and campus is a testament to what is possible when an organization puts their mission into practice and in doing so, leads the way for other organizations to take the same important steps towards sustainability and clean energy solutions.

Mark Parsons, Green Mountain Energy Sun Club vice-president and general manager