Energy for a Sustainable Future


Dr. Gavin Dillingham, HARC

HARC's Clean Energy Research

How do we improve the resilience of our electric power systems with increasing severe weather risk? What steps should cities take to meet emission reduction goals? How do we cost-effectively reduce the green divide and bring clean energy options to disadvantage neighborhoods. HARC’s program of Energy Research seeks to find answers to these questions and many, many more.

HARC’s energy research includes identifying and supporting cost-effective, practical energy solutions to improve electric power sector resilience, as well as, speed the transition to a decarbonized system. Improving power resilience and making the transition to clean energy will require a coordinated effort led by non-partisan entities. HARC’s continued effort will guide policymakers and industry leaders towards improvements in areas such as electric power resilience, energy efficiency and distributed energy resources.

In addition, and through its partnership with the public sector, HARC works with utilities, regulators, commercial building owners, residential builders, and homeowners to demonstrate leadership in the clean energy transition.

Tools and Resources

HARC hosts the US Department of Energy’s Southcentral and Upper West CHP TAP. The role of the CHP TAP is to provide no-cost economic and technical feasibility analysis for end-users considering CHP at their site. Further, the TAP provides education and outreach to end-users and policy makers to help support the development of CHP and more resilient and efficient distributed energy systems.

Powered for Good
Platform designed to help deliver clean, cheap, 100% renewable electricity offerings for low income households in Texas that can choose their electricity provider.

Pythias Analytics
Provides realistic, plausible scenario-neutral analysis and climate risk analytics for the energy sector resulting in improved investment and asset management decisions.

Residential Passive Survivability
This tool is designed for Texas residents to identify passive survivability strategies applicable to your housing situation.

Texas Clean Energy Hub
The Hub houses a variety of interactive tools, podcasts, webinars, guides, and case studies to help accelerate the adoption of distributed generation and energy efficiency projects in Texas.