Frameworks for Resilience and Adaptation Related to Climate Change

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Frameworks for Resilience and Adaptation Related to Climate Change

Dr. Gavin Dillingham, HARC’s Vice President of Research, recently spoke with Steve Ambrose, SAIC’s Chief Climate Scientist, about climate resilience and adaptation as part of SAIC’s Fireside Chat series.  The webinar, which was recorded in January 2022, focuses on how communities can adapt and prepare for climate change impacts and ways they can become more resilient.

In his work with HARC, Dr. Dillingham leads multi-stakeholder efforts focusing on policy and programs to improve the climate resilience of power infrastructure and built environment and to help usher in the energy transition via a variety of clean energy initiatives.

A recent success is HARC’s “Solar Plus Storage” initiative which can provide mobile sources of power to communities in need and reduce the cost burden. As part of the “Solar Plus Storage” program development, Dr. Dillingham stresses the importance of being a participant with the local communities rather than trying to push solutions that are not desired or needed.

Please visit SAIC’s website to access the pre-recorded webinar. To view, please click on the View Webinar tab, scroll down to the Thought Leadership section, and click on the image for Dr. Dillingham’s interview.

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Jan 24, 2022


Via Zoom