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Stephanie Glenn Presented at The Planning Workshop on Sustainability of Engineered Rivers in Arid Lands: Outlook to 2060

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Monday, February 3, 2014

HARC Research Scientist, Stephanie Glenn, Program Director, Hydrology and Watersheds, was invited to present at an international workshop on Sustainability of Engineered Rivers in Arid Lands. The panel of international experts included Dr. Jurgen Schmandt, representing the Rio Grande Basin in Texas, Dr. Carol Couch, representing the Murray-Darling basin in Australia, Dr. Aysegul Kibaroglu, representing the Euphrates/Tigris basin, Dr. Lars Ribbe, representing the Nile basin, and Dr. Michael Cohen representing the Colorado basin.

Stephanie presented on the importance of understanding the interaction of ground water and surface water in these river basins. The workshop was held in Austin January 13th-16th, 2014.