WEBINAR | Combined Heat and Power for the Modern Oilfield

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Friday, October 12, 2018

CHP for the Modern Oilfield
On-Site Power Generation and Thermal Energy for Oilfield Operations
Recorded September 13, 2018
Presented by the US Department of Energy Upper-west CHP Technical Assistance Partnership

The Oilfield is evolving to exploit the many advantages of electrification, automation and other technological advances to reduce cost, enhance safety, and improve efficiency. The electrified oilfield presents enormous opportunity to realize value from on-site power generation using locally-produced natural gas.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) provides both electric power and thermal energy (heat) from a single on-site source, such as a turbine or reciprocating engine. Learn about CHP applications and benefits for reliable on-site power and utilizing recovered heat for produced water management, enhanced oil recovery, and other purposes.

CHP offers many advantages of energy efficiency and resilience. Recognizing this, the US Department of Energy (DOE) provides funding to assist public and private entities to implement CHP at facilities of many types. The DOE CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships (TAP) program promotes CHP technology solutions for the industrial and manufacturing sectors, critical infrastructure, institutions, commercial facilities, and utilities seeking to reap the many benefits of CHP. HARC is home to two regional CHP TAPs: the Southcentral Region, serving Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Arizona; and the Upper-West Region, encompassing Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.

The US Department of Energy Southcentral and Upper-West CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships. Through this program, the TAP offers site qualification screenings, feasibility studies, third party project development support, as well as outreach and education to potential CHP end-users. The HARC team is ready to work with you as you consider CHP. Learn more at or contact Gavin Dillingham, PhD, Director of the Southcentral and Upper-West CHP TAP Programs at or 281-364-6045.