Researcher Announcement

Post-Harvey Task Force Web Application

Posting Date: 
Friday, March 2, 2018

In the days following Hurricane Harvey, researchers all over the Galveston Bay region were anxious to get out in the field and collect samples to study the impacts of the flooding on Galveston Bay and the bayous. Conditions were challenging following the flooding, with many organizations short-handed or dealing with flooded buildings. Coordination and collaboration across the universities, government agencies, non-profits, and industry was recognized as an urgent need.

The initial conference call was coordinated by the Galveston Bay Estuary Program and Stuart Carlton at Texas Sea Grant and included over 40 scientists, managers and industry professionals to discuss sampling efforts and research plans. To facilitate discussion of sampling efforts, small groups were created in the fields of water quality, toxic contaminants, and habitat and critters.

To facilitate the sharing of sampling plans and data collection, HARC stepped up to create an ArcGIS application to help answer the questions: What kinds of samples are being collected, where are they being collected, and who is doing the research? The password-protected application displays the sampling locations, times, types of samples collected, and contact information for the task force members who agreed to share their information. We hope that by fostering collaboration early on, we will all come away with a greater understanding of how Harvey impacted Galveston Bay.