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Optimization of the Diesel Fuel Additive Dosing Level Based on Fuel Consumption & Exhaust Emissions

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

HARC is assisting Purify Fuel Inc. (PFI), a fuel additive supplier company that engages in developing and manufacturing fuel additive products for primarily diesel and military grade fuels, to evaluate and optimize a diesel fuel combustion catalyst to reduce emissions of regulated and unregulated gaseous elements and emissions of particulate matter associated with compression ignition engines. This will allow for the improvement of fuel efficiency and reduction of exhaust gas emissions in diesel engines that is extremely important to human health and environment.

Dr. Wijesinghe is working with PFI to identify the optimum cerium oxide nanoparticle dosing level using a compression ignition engine by measuring and analyzing fuel consumption, exhaust gaseous elements, and soot (the major constituent of diesel particulate matter emissions).